Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Don't Blame The Parents Anymore

Whenever I see a little kid or toddler throwing a fit and screaming in public, usually what runs through my mind is something a little like this; "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR MOTHER?!?! ALLOWING THEM TO RUN THROUGH PUBLIC FACILITIES SCREAMING THEIR HEADS UP DISTRUBTING THE BALANCE OF MATURE HUMANITY." Because after all, isn't it aaallwwaayyss the parents' fault:). Anywhoo, yesterday I was at the mall and this cute little girl, probably just older than 1, is happily running in little cute circles around her mom and then darts off as fast as her little feet would carry her into a fancy beauty salon. The mom immediately realizes and calls her name out, then chases after her. I'm watching all of this, and by the time the mom reaches the little girl she is already in and about to touch some type of 'ultra-shampoo' bottle. Her mom gently yet briskly picks her up and carries her out of the store, in hopes not to make a scene. BUT!...the little girl is beginning to scream bloddy murder because 'oh no, she got carried out of a store she wasn't supposed to be in'. I wonder what in there she wanted so bad, it's not like there were little kind toys or vibrant colors that distracted her and luered her in. If it were me, I'd be quiet about it and take the free ride. IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS GOING TO DIE! Moral of the story being; no longer will I just to conclusions and blame the parents for 'lacking control of their child.' Sometimes, there's just no way around it. O.o

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sorry it's been a couple days since my last blog (although I doubt anyone really cares). I spent the past couple days with 2 friends of mine, Meg and Jessica. They're both great people, but the thing about Meg is that she has this issue... we call it 'bug paranoid'. I know it's not exactly her fault (or maybe it is), and she probably wouldn't be too happy that i'm writing this about her, but I just had to share with someone! She is undeniably freaked out by bugs... of any sort. Yeah sure i'm not one for spiders, and bugs are pretty much annoying and freaky looking, but i'm not SCARED OUT OF MY PANTS when I see one. "Oh hey, look! It's a mosquito that just landed on me! What a creeper... I better slap it and kill it good before it takes any of my blood. My blood! Mine!" I think that would be classified as the normal reaction. Step 1, IDENTIFY THE SPECIES Step 2, DETERMINE YOUT CHOICE OF ACTION (KILLING IS RECOMENDED, unless you're all 'eco-friendly' or something. In that case, whatever... it's your blood) teqniques involve: slapping, burning, beating with a rake, drowning, or my favorite... flicking. WHHHHEEEEEEEEeeeee. Anyway, meg's reaction is more like this: "OHMYGOD ITS A BUGGG HOW DARE IT LAND ON ME WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY GET IT OFFFFFF I THINK IM GONNNA DIEEE I HATE WASHINGTON THEYRE'S BUGGSSS...WHHHHYYyyyyy???" Anndd.... screaming. Spazzing out, basically immature and unatrractive behavior. Sort of like a 2 year old about to be eaten by a lion. I told Meg she had better not meet a good lookin' guy when there are bugs around... if he's smart, he'll be outa there in no time!!! "what is that...a girl? is she trying to dance or attack the air? and boy she sure is loud!" I'm sure there's plenty of people like that, but commee oon!?!?!!?!! its ok though, meg knows she's not alone:) *warm smile* But all that screaming got me thinking about something. Because we're top predators we weren't exactly designed with a defense reaction mechanism, or whatever you want to call it. Asidde from freezing up, we scream, right? It seems fairly normal, but just think about it for a seck. Bunnies, they run away, Dogs, they bark, and stuff like that. People: well, we stand there vulnerably and scream. Pretty tight, huh??!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What A Joy Sisters Are

I have a sister, and she's very strange. Her name is Lindsey and she's 3 years older than me. As of this summer, she's become a nanny for two kids three days a week, and has held down her long term job at Jet City Pizza Co. Since the summer officially took off, we rarely ever see each other and never get to spend time doing hilarious and random things together. It got me thinking back to the times when we would fight all the time, and how I would honestly wonder if Lindsey and I would ever really be good friends. After everything that's happened in such short time, I realized the basis for the desire for someone in our life is when we miss them. Growing up with someone who lives in your house, breathes you air, and is your only sibling doesn't allow much opportunity to say you miss them. But when things are like this, it's completely different. She'll be going to Bellevue College this fall, while I'm still at Newport. If she's not out nannying or working at the pizza place, she's either with her boyfriend, Ryan, or doing something illegal. Just kidding. But seriously, all this time as I've gone through life wondering what would allow us to become friends, and now I know; it's time. Not the kind of seperation you get when you go away to camp for a week and when you come home you hug and are right back to bickering the following day, but something completely differen't. Not to get all sappy here but we're growing up, becoming differen't people, and making choices that define who we are. It's never been as important in the past as it is now. I love her though, so let me end by saying I hope things will always get both closer and farther for us ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Revenge Of A Soccer Ball

Let me start off by saying I am undoubtably accident prone. Yesterday I was at the beach with the highlands high school group, and... decided to be dumb by playing soccer without shoes on. Obviously I knew it wasn't a smart thing to do, but for some reason I always seem to be totally o.k. with taking risks. I don't understand how everyone else can do it without hurting themselves, but then again I could make myself feel better by blaming it on my lack of coordination, which even my boyfriend agrees with. Either way, it was fun. And so what if I get hurt, right?
Unfortunately, my mother is lacking sympathy for my potentially broken toe. Not that I expect her to considering it was far from an accident or even my fault. It was COMPLETELY my fault. And besides, it's not like I'm acting like some over dramatic criple. As a result of suffering the consequences, I get to hobble around with a clearly sprained and bone bruised toe. hee hee hee ...........NOT.
Oh well, i'm sure i'll get over it. Needless to say, "You can wait to find out on your own, or you can see it happen to someone else so you know... or you could just laugh."

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Around the corner near my house there is currently some construction going on. It's rather annoying because there's always obnoxious trucks making beeping noises and flaggers that reduce the neighborhood speed limit, but I guess that can be a positive. The reason why I actually care about writing this stuff is because today I was out walking my neighbors dog and went I left their house to come back around the corner I saw it; Fresh Concrete. ...and no authoritative bystandards. (I guess they don't get paid enough to monitor any violaters, but oh well.) I got this sudden urge to take my so conveniently located key (which I was holding, that technically belongs to my neighbors, but oh well, they'll never know)...and write my initials or something in the concrete. It was nurvewracking. But I had to do it. As I kneeled down and looked all around me for any people possibly hiding behind their window curtains and noting my every move. I stuck my key into the concrete. I didn't want to look too suspicious by constantly watching everywhere... but how else was I supposed to protect myself from being turned in? Only to finally come to my sensus and realize it really isn't that big of a deal, I find out the CEMENT'S TOO DRY!!! :( DARN IT SUN. It's ok though, I had my moment of proving myself to be a rebel ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Attraction Of Power Bait

So this morning I went fishing with my dad to this awesome lake. As we were sitting in the boat simply waiting for action of any kind, I couldn't help but notice my dad's fancy and colorful power bait. Everything he had with him was either some vibrant neon color, or reflective and shiny. It got me thinking how stupid fish must actually be in order to go for something like that when in reality, it's nothing remotely similiar what they eat. I'm not attempting to make the past blog and this one seem derogitory towards animals, but this was a thought I simply had to share. If trout eat waterflies and aquatic insects then what could possibly be so enticing about a round, hot pink, chewy ball floating its away through the water? It's almost the same concept as introducing a human to foreign foods. If you don't know what it is, then don't eat it. Then again, maybe the reason for their attraction to power bait could be that the color and glare in the water cause the fish to become distracted and mentally stimulated (similiar to a reaction of A.D.D.) and automatically assume that anything this pretty must be safe to eat. It's a bit of an odd topic, but clearly there is no official explanation as to why fish are drawn to bait. Sure the smell has more to do with it than the visual (considering fish have poor eye sight but strong smell), but even if it smells nice, would THAT be enough to convince them to snatch it? Perhaps it's as simple as fish not typically being ones to think things through. It's not like I blame them though, the invention of fishing line was clearly quite ingenious.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's The Point Of Llamas?

For literally years I have pondered the insane question of, "what exactly IS the point of llamas?" I've attempted to get my question answered through google and yahoo answers, but the only reasonable solution I've come up with throughout all my searching is that llamas are useful when it comes to 'transporting items', and are a classic example of what we define to be a pack animal. The only problem with that, is that who honestly uses llamas for hauling their things anymore? Maybe back when... y'know, BEFORE THEY INVENTED THE U-HAUL. It got me thinking to times when my parents and I go on hikes up mountain trails. How weird would it be to see a man walking his llama, that's of course carrying his personal hiking items on a hand crafted llama backpack. I can picture him probably saying something like this "Yeah, I'm just too cheap and old fashioned for a descent sporting backpack from REI, so I'll go with the llama instead." how much did the llama backpack cost then? And I'm assuming you bought a llama trailer with that? What a ponderous thought. I mean, any other farm animal I can understand their purpose for us humans. Not to be conceited here or anything, but don't most all animals have some purpose towards people? I'm not suggesting that creatures we have no intentional 'use' for should become extinct or anything, but seriously, who's the one responsible for breeding these things and keepin 'em around? Because I'd like to know what the special connection was. "What's your occupation?" "Funny you should ask, i'm aactually a proud llama breeder!" "Oh."
Clearly horses are great for riding, and cows are good for their milk and of course stake. Pigs for their pork, chicken for their eggs... yadi yadi yadi I hope you're starting to get my point. But lLaMaS??? Why?? In fact, to be blunt, they're not even that attractive. And to make matters worse, they spit!! It's ridiculous. Not only can you not eat them, but they aren't exactly pretty and instead of making some semi-pleaseant noise (like a churping bird)... they spit. And just what is with the extra L? Will someone please explain that! Were they invented in Mexico because if so, we americans should be calling them "Yamas".