Saturday, July 17, 2010

What A Joy Sisters Are

I have a sister, and she's very strange. Her name is Lindsey and she's 3 years older than me. As of this summer, she's become a nanny for two kids three days a week, and has held down her long term job at Jet City Pizza Co. Since the summer officially took off, we rarely ever see each other and never get to spend time doing hilarious and random things together. It got me thinking back to the times when we would fight all the time, and how I would honestly wonder if Lindsey and I would ever really be good friends. After everything that's happened in such short time, I realized the basis for the desire for someone in our life is when we miss them. Growing up with someone who lives in your house, breathes you air, and is your only sibling doesn't allow much opportunity to say you miss them. But when things are like this, it's completely different. She'll be going to Bellevue College this fall, while I'm still at Newport. If she's not out nannying or working at the pizza place, she's either with her boyfriend, Ryan, or doing something illegal. Just kidding. But seriously, all this time as I've gone through life wondering what would allow us to become friends, and now I know; it's time. Not the kind of seperation you get when you go away to camp for a week and when you come home you hug and are right back to bickering the following day, but something completely differen't. Not to get all sappy here but we're growing up, becoming differen't people, and making choices that define who we are. It's never been as important in the past as it is now. I love her though, so let me end by saying I hope things will always get both closer and farther for us ;)

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