Friday, July 16, 2010

Revenge Of A Soccer Ball

Let me start off by saying I am undoubtably accident prone. Yesterday I was at the beach with the highlands high school group, and... decided to be dumb by playing soccer without shoes on. Obviously I knew it wasn't a smart thing to do, but for some reason I always seem to be totally o.k. with taking risks. I don't understand how everyone else can do it without hurting themselves, but then again I could make myself feel better by blaming it on my lack of coordination, which even my boyfriend agrees with. Either way, it was fun. And so what if I get hurt, right?
Unfortunately, my mother is lacking sympathy for my potentially broken toe. Not that I expect her to considering it was far from an accident or even my fault. It was COMPLETELY my fault. And besides, it's not like I'm acting like some over dramatic criple. As a result of suffering the consequences, I get to hobble around with a clearly sprained and bone bruised toe. hee hee hee ...........NOT.
Oh well, i'm sure i'll get over it. Needless to say, "You can wait to find out on your own, or you can see it happen to someone else so you know... or you could just laugh."

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  1. SOOOO- I must just interject that Mom DID have a bit of sympathy. As I was googling "toe jams" (and you can just imaginr the hits I got!) I read that later in life arthritis can occur from untreated big toe injuries. Not wantint to land on the Dr. Phil Show down the road, I decided to take Shannon in and have it looked at. We left Overlake with a soft boot, crutches and x-rays showing no fracture. Everything should be fine in 7-10 days, providing there's no rogue soccer ball lying around anywhere near Shannon! :)