Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sorry it's been a couple days since my last blog (although I doubt anyone really cares). I spent the past couple days with 2 friends of mine, Meg and Jessica. They're both great people, but the thing about Meg is that she has this issue... we call it 'bug paranoid'. I know it's not exactly her fault (or maybe it is), and she probably wouldn't be too happy that i'm writing this about her, but I just had to share with someone! She is undeniably freaked out by bugs... of any sort. Yeah sure i'm not one for spiders, and bugs are pretty much annoying and freaky looking, but i'm not SCARED OUT OF MY PANTS when I see one. "Oh hey, look! It's a mosquito that just landed on me! What a creeper... I better slap it and kill it good before it takes any of my blood. My blood! Mine!" I think that would be classified as the normal reaction. Step 1, IDENTIFY THE SPECIES Step 2, DETERMINE YOUT CHOICE OF ACTION (KILLING IS RECOMENDED, unless you're all 'eco-friendly' or something. In that case, whatever... it's your blood) teqniques involve: slapping, burning, beating with a rake, drowning, or my favorite... flicking. WHHHHEEEEEEEEeeeee. Anyway, meg's reaction is more like this: "OHMYGOD ITS A BUGGG HOW DARE IT LAND ON ME WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY GET IT OFFFFFF I THINK IM GONNNA DIEEE I HATE WASHINGTON THEYRE'S BUGGSSS...WHHHHYYyyyyy???" Anndd.... screaming. Spazzing out, basically immature and unatrractive behavior. Sort of like a 2 year old about to be eaten by a lion. I told Meg she had better not meet a good lookin' guy when there are bugs around... if he's smart, he'll be outa there in no time!!! "what is that...a girl? is she trying to dance or attack the air? and boy she sure is loud!" I'm sure there's plenty of people like that, but commee oon!?!?!!?!! its ok though, meg knows she's not alone:) *warm smile* But all that screaming got me thinking about something. Because we're top predators we weren't exactly designed with a defense reaction mechanism, or whatever you want to call it. Asidde from freezing up, we scream, right? It seems fairly normal, but just think about it for a seck. Bunnies, they run away, Dogs, they bark, and stuff like that. People: well, we stand there vulnerably and scream. Pretty tight, huh??!!

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