Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Attraction Of Power Bait

So this morning I went fishing with my dad to this awesome lake. As we were sitting in the boat simply waiting for action of any kind, I couldn't help but notice my dad's fancy and colorful power bait. Everything he had with him was either some vibrant neon color, or reflective and shiny. It got me thinking how stupid fish must actually be in order to go for something like that when in reality, it's nothing remotely similiar what they eat. I'm not attempting to make the past blog and this one seem derogitory towards animals, but this was a thought I simply had to share. If trout eat waterflies and aquatic insects then what could possibly be so enticing about a round, hot pink, chewy ball floating its away through the water? It's almost the same concept as introducing a human to foreign foods. If you don't know what it is, then don't eat it. Then again, maybe the reason for their attraction to power bait could be that the color and glare in the water cause the fish to become distracted and mentally stimulated (similiar to a reaction of A.D.D.) and automatically assume that anything this pretty must be safe to eat. It's a bit of an odd topic, but clearly there is no official explanation as to why fish are drawn to bait. Sure the smell has more to do with it than the visual (considering fish have poor eye sight but strong smell), but even if it smells nice, would THAT be enough to convince them to snatch it? Perhaps it's as simple as fish not typically being ones to think things through. It's not like I blame them though, the invention of fishing line was clearly quite ingenious.

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