Thursday, July 15, 2010


Around the corner near my house there is currently some construction going on. It's rather annoying because there's always obnoxious trucks making beeping noises and flaggers that reduce the neighborhood speed limit, but I guess that can be a positive. The reason why I actually care about writing this stuff is because today I was out walking my neighbors dog and went I left their house to come back around the corner I saw it; Fresh Concrete. ...and no authoritative bystandards. (I guess they don't get paid enough to monitor any violaters, but oh well.) I got this sudden urge to take my so conveniently located key (which I was holding, that technically belongs to my neighbors, but oh well, they'll never know)...and write my initials or something in the concrete. It was nurvewracking. But I had to do it. As I kneeled down and looked all around me for any people possibly hiding behind their window curtains and noting my every move. I stuck my key into the concrete. I didn't want to look too suspicious by constantly watching everywhere... but how else was I supposed to protect myself from being turned in? Only to finally come to my sensus and realize it really isn't that big of a deal, I find out the CEMENT'S TOO DRY!!! :( DARN IT SUN. It's ok though, I had my moment of proving myself to be a rebel ;)

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