Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Don't Blame The Parents Anymore

Whenever I see a little kid or toddler throwing a fit and screaming in public, usually what runs through my mind is something a little like this; "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR MOTHER?!?! ALLOWING THEM TO RUN THROUGH PUBLIC FACILITIES SCREAMING THEIR HEADS UP DISTRUBTING THE BALANCE OF MATURE HUMANITY." Because after all, isn't it aaallwwaayyss the parents' fault:). Anywhoo, yesterday I was at the mall and this cute little girl, probably just older than 1, is happily running in little cute circles around her mom and then darts off as fast as her little feet would carry her into a fancy beauty salon. The mom immediately realizes and calls her name out, then chases after her. I'm watching all of this, and by the time the mom reaches the little girl she is already in and about to touch some type of 'ultra-shampoo' bottle. Her mom gently yet briskly picks her up and carries her out of the store, in hopes not to make a scene. BUT!...the little girl is beginning to scream bloddy murder because 'oh no, she got carried out of a store she wasn't supposed to be in'. I wonder what in there she wanted so bad, it's not like there were little kind toys or vibrant colors that distracted her and luered her in. If it were me, I'd be quiet about it and take the free ride. IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS GOING TO DIE! Moral of the story being; no longer will I just to conclusions and blame the parents for 'lacking control of their child.' Sometimes, there's just no way around it. O.o

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