Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's The Point Of Llamas?

For literally years I have pondered the insane question of, "what exactly IS the point of llamas?" I've attempted to get my question answered through google and yahoo answers, but the only reasonable solution I've come up with throughout all my searching is that llamas are useful when it comes to 'transporting items', and are a classic example of what we define to be a pack animal. The only problem with that, is that who honestly uses llamas for hauling their things anymore? Maybe back when... y'know, BEFORE THEY INVENTED THE U-HAUL. It got me thinking to times when my parents and I go on hikes up mountain trails. How weird would it be to see a man walking his llama, that's of course carrying his personal hiking items on a hand crafted llama backpack. I can picture him probably saying something like this "Yeah, I'm just too cheap and old fashioned for a descent sporting backpack from REI, so I'll go with the llama instead." ...Ok..so how much did the llama backpack cost then? And I'm assuming you bought a llama trailer with that? What a ponderous thought. I mean, any other farm animal I can understand their purpose for us humans. Not to be conceited here or anything, but don't most all animals have some purpose towards people? I'm not suggesting that creatures we have no intentional 'use' for should become extinct or anything, but seriously, who's the one responsible for breeding these things and keepin 'em around? Because I'd like to know what the special connection was. "What's your occupation?" "Funny you should ask, i'm aactually a proud llama breeder!" "Oh."
Clearly horses are great for riding, and cows are good for their milk and of course stake. Pigs for their pork, chicken for their eggs... yadi yadi yadi I hope you're starting to get my point. But lLaMaS??? Why?? In fact, to be blunt, they're not even that attractive. And to make matters worse, they spit!! It's ridiculous. Not only can you not eat them, but they aren't exactly pretty and instead of making some semi-pleaseant noise (like a churping bird)... they spit. And just what is with the extra L? Will someone please explain that! Were they invented in Mexico because if so, we americans should be calling them "Yamas".

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